Hi all!

I’ve been pretty busy with Satellite Repairman, posting occasional tweets and devlog posts, but no posts in here 🙁 So this post is a summarized version of what’s been happening, the current status and where the game is going in the next few months until the release in February 2017.

One of the reasons I was so busy and a bit under pressure was because I wanted to launch the Greenlight Campaign as soon as possible (considering that you never know how long it takes to get the game approved). And launching it means I needed a lot of assets and gameplay ready to record in a video!

Anyway, managed to do that successful so before the rest of the post, here is the official Greenlight Video:

And the official Greenlight page is at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=796135160

I also decided to launch an official website for the game at http://www.satelliterepairman.com/ which has some more screenshots and game info. Will update it soon with more public(non-dev) news.

So, during this time I made added some more gameplay ideas, to include a tiny little bit of base-building into the game. The ground buildings are:

  • HQ
  • Factory (to produce new satellites and satellite modules)
  • Research Center (to develop new tech)
  • Farm (to get food)
  • Comm Tower
  • Missile Defense
  • Construction Yard (to make new buildings)
construction yard

construction yard

Using the new Construction Yard (only added it 1week before greenlight was launched), you can order new buildings and then place them around the planet. These building types are limited, so you can’t make new HQs, Research Centers or Construction Yards. Which means you only have 1 of each of these types, and you should protect them most.

The enemy attacks also come in 3 different kinds:

  • missiles (explode on impact)
  • death missiles (more lethal than the regular ones)
  • cluster bombs – these explode in the atmosphere creating 6 smaller bombs which will spread out in different directions, causing a bigger number of explosions but of smaller intensity than the missiles.

The EMP defense (on satellites) is one of the two viable ways of defending your planet. EMP disables all kinds of missiles or bombs, making them drop dead on the ground causing only a minor explosion with little damage. The other way is, of course, by intercepting missiles with your own missile defenses.

I’m now working on adding a popular request: different planets. So besides the normal earth-like planet, there will also be 2 other planet types, a moon-type and a mars-type. The atmosphere will be different and so will the gravity conditions. I’m still considering adding other elements of differentiation like solar-flares or something like that.

This will allow for more challenging levels.

To conclude, the gameplay modes that will be available are:

  • Mission Scenarios – the main mode. Missions will unlock one after the other
  • Endless Survival – Test your strategy and repairman skills by attempting to survive endless attack waves
  • Sandbox – A creative mode where you can set up your own challenges, difficulty and game parameters

I’m always interested in hearing other people’s views and ideas for the game, so if there’s something you’d really like to see, email/tweet/or comment 🙂

thanks for reading!!


[WIP game description]

An inter-planetary war breaks out. All planets use advanced defense technology and space missiles to damage their enemies at a distance. An intelligent management of resources is paramount for the functioning of your planet defense structures and survival of its people. War demands strategy, quick and deep thinking and cold blood.

…but you have got nothing to do with it.

You’re just… the Satellite Repairman!

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Phew! Finally a back-from-summer post 🙂 I’ve got good news and not so good news!

The game I wrote about in my last post (codenamed ‘Delivery’) has been postponed. Well, not sure if postponed or cancelled. I do want to make it, but right now the amount of work it requires is just too much for my available time/money/motivation. So I moved it to my incubator, and perhaps will pick it up again in a couple of months.

The good news, I have a solid idea for my next game! Codename is ‘SRM’. As you can see in the video below I’ve started laying out the foundations already. Yesterday spent the whole day just trying to get planetary gravity to work properly with all these crazy rotations. More to come soon

Looking for a 2D Artist

This is the first time I’m looking for a [paid] 2D artist to help me out with the graphics. If you want to apply, please get in touch by email!

More than just paying someone to do my a few sprites, I’m looking for a person who would like to “join” the game crew (currently just me), and be proactive in suggesting changes, styles and – who knows – even features.

Feel free to contact me for any questions!

Hi everyone! Long time, no posts 🙂

I’ve been in a sort of AFK period (at least from games) after the release of A Game of Changes. A mix of post-release depression, venting out steam, crying of failure, feelings of being totally lost, etc etc 😀


brainstorming, paper version

Anyway, I’ve decided to shoot myself in the foot again and develop a new game 😀 (gamedevs.. what to do? they just keep going).

I’ve been thinking about this game for a few months, but just left all the ideas hovering in my mind. Yesterday was the day I can say I actually started working on it. Opened my faithful XMind (mindmaping software) and begin to brainstorm and jot down all the loose ideas. Doing this is so good for me. I had a bunch of doubts about the game and things that I could not see working. But once you start writing things down and spend 1-2hrs just in this thought process, more and more ideas flow and new pieces come to “finish” the puzzle.

So now I’m more motivated to actually start it and test the idea on a more serious tone. Today I fired up Godot (gamedev engine of choice!) and began coding what will become the first prototype.

No, its not GTA VI 😛


One of the reasons I love writing a devblog is so that when the game is finished I can go back and look at the beginning again, see the first shots, read about the problems, etc. So I’m doing the same for this game again, expect regular post from now on.

I’ll just develop it a bit further before announcing the name and starting an “offical” devlog at TIG. For now, it’s codename “Delivery” 🙂

Hi all!

So sorry to not writing again since almost a month!! 🙁

It’s for a good reason! A Game of Changes got Greenlit (yay!) and I’ve been working non-stop to finish the game and release on time. I’ve to update the game page and stuff like that, but for now I prefer to dedicate all my time to finish the game as best as I can.

Last week it got featured in the Highsight channel and plenty of good feedback was given, so I made even more changes and improvements.

I really wanted to show you some more things, but I hadn’t yet got the time to take proper shots and videos…. a new trailer will also come soon. Here’re 3 small teasers 🙂



Hi everyone!

Plenty of improvements done this week. I sent a playable demo to a few beta testers and got very valuable feedback. Completely revamped the controls of the player and the camera. Everything is much smoother and easier now 🙂

The main menu also got some improvements and feels better now 🙂

In the meantime, I’ve been taking a few more screenshots here and there that show some new levels.


Also trying to improve the water look

On the Steam side of things, the greenlight campaign is really slow. Been trying my best to get the word out, but these kind of niche-oriented games are really hard to be noticed by big sites. And even the medium ones dont make much difference in bringing people to this page and vote.
Anyway, still have hope that it can be approved before the launch date as I would love to integrate achievements and other Steamworks features in it. Lets see 🙂

take care

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been late to write this devlog. Since the launch of the greenlight page part of my mind is (unfortunately) too absorbed with the fact that it is so hard to draw people to it and gather votes 🙁

Anyway, here are some updates if you haven’t yet seen them at IndieDB or the TIG devlog. I’ve posted a bunch of videos below, but actually they are somewhat outdated already as I have changed a few things based on the feedback I get 🙂

First, there is full support to play the game with just a controller.

Also added a small gift to real I Ching users: after completing the game you can use it for I Ching castings 🙂

And released a first gameplay demo video, showing the 1st level where the basic mechanic is introduced

There’re also plenty of new screenshots that I keep adding to indiedb, the tigdevlog and steam greenlight.


I just finished today the 20 levels that introduce all the mechanics. From now on I can create more complex and challenging puzzles 🙂

This week I’ll also release a private demo for beta-testers. If you are interested in being one, apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/ZXjyRvxZ8T

If the game sounds interesting to you, please consider voting on greenlight!

Talk to you soon!!