A Game of Changes weekly devlog update #6

A Game of Changes weekly devlog update #6

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been late to write this devlog. Since the launch of the greenlight page part of my mind is (unfortunately) too absorbed with the fact that it is so hard to draw people to it and gather votes 🙁

Anyway, here are some updates if you haven’t yet seen them at IndieDB or the TIG devlog. I’ve posted a bunch of videos below, but actually they are somewhat outdated already as I have changed a few things based on the feedback I get 🙂

First, there is full support to play the game with just a controller.

Also added a small gift to real I Ching users: after completing the game you can use it for I Ching castings 🙂

And released a first gameplay demo video, showing the 1st level where the basic mechanic is introduced

There’re also plenty of new screenshots that I keep adding to indiedb, the tigdevlog and steam greenlight.


I just finished today the 20 levels that introduce all the mechanics. From now on I can create more complex and challenging puzzles 🙂

This week I’ll also release a private demo for beta-testers. If you are interested in being one, apply here: http://goo.gl/forms/ZXjyRvxZ8T

If the game sounds interesting to you, please consider voting on greenlight!

Talk to you soon!!

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