aaaand here I go again

Hi everyone! Long time, no posts πŸ™‚

I’ve been in a sort of AFK period (at least from games) after the release of A Game of Changes. A mix of post-release depression, venting out steam, crying of failure, feelings of being totally lost, etc etc πŸ˜€

brainstorming, paper version

Anyway, I’ve decided to shoot myself in the foot again and develop a new game πŸ˜€ (gamedevs.. what to do? they just keep going).

I’ve been thinking about this game for a few months, but just left all the ideas hovering in my mind. Yesterday was the day I can say I actually started working on it. Opened my faithful XMind (mindmaping software) and begin to brainstorm and jot down all the loose ideas. Doing this is so good for me. I had a bunch of doubts about the game and things that I could not see working. But once you start writing things down and spend 1-2hrs just in this thought process, more and more ideas flow and new pieces come to “finish” the puzzle.

So now I’m more motivated to actually start it and test the idea on a more serious tone. Today I fired up Godot (gamedev engine of choice!) and began coding what will become the first prototype.

No, its not GTA VI πŸ˜›


One of the reasons I love writing a devblog is so that when the game is finished I can go back and look at the beginning again, see the first shots, read about the problems, etc. So I’m doing the same for this game again, expect regular post from now on.

I’ll just develop it a bit further before announcing the name and starting an “offical” devlog at TIG. For now, it’s codename “Delivery” πŸ™‚

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