Carefully trailing the game development minefield

I enjoy reading a lot of game dev blogs, experiences and tips from other fellow developers. Not only it gives me inspiration, useful information, but also warns me about dangerous situations that we should avoid during the long, hard process of crafting a game.

I have already ignored one of the most precious advice: “your first 10 games will be crap, so just get them done as fast as possible”. Attempting to do a “serious” game right at the 3rd try, might be crazy due to lack of enough experience, but my motivation also requires me to engage in some big thing.

I’m trying now, not to fall on another dangerous landmine, the one where you want your game to be perfectly like you imagined it in your head.. and then take so much time doing it, that eventually you give up and drop it. Perhaps due to my lack of experience, I was enough quite a lot of difficulties in some aspects of Autumn. I wanted it to be really good, but I know that to do it the way I envision it, it will take me such a long time, that I’ll probably end up quitting and getting excited with some other project.

Considering this, I made a tough decision today, the one of following another great piece of game dev advice: scale it down, simplify it. I’m therefore changing on big gameplay aspect of the game, in order to make it simpler to develop. The good site of it, is that this simpler way of coding it, will allow me to greatly improve the art of the game, not because of the time, but because of the know-how involved. I really hope that it can turn out to be simply beautiful!

More news soon 🙂

On a side note, I decided to create a page for Autumn in IndieDB. I hope it will be a good place to get feedback, share news and improve the game! Check it out here:

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