Drafting the next game

Now that Missilium is out and released, I’ve manged to have some time to revamp the blog and give it a better look (thanks wordpress!).  I’ve also started drafting ideas for the next game. My aim with this is to move away from “just a game” and to create something different and special (ambitious, I know).

Right now I have the overall idea, a few elements of gameplay and art that I’d like to see, but I’m still lacking some ideas on how to turn this into a real game.

I can tell you this will be a game that will mix a few interesting aspects

  • pleasant ambience
  • thinking and learning about life and nature (including the spiritual aspect of it)
  • no win conditions (never ending game)

With what I have in mind, so far, it’s a big challenge for a one man team, but I’m willing to turn this into a reality, no matter how many months or years it takes. It will very likely make the headlines of this blog for the upcoming weeks 🙂 (unless, of course, a better more inspiring idea comes to mind!)

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