Introducing: The Blueprints Machine


Starting today I’m publicly announcing what will (hopefully) become my next game: The Blueprints Machine (TBM).

TBM is a puzzle game, where each level can present you a totally different scenario/world/challenge, and to solve it, you have to manipulate certain aspects of that level to achieve the desired ending result. In order to do that, you’ll get the help of blueprints, where various kinds of nodes allow you to do operations, calculations, and changes in the level.

TBM is also a learning experience. The game starts with a few basic nodes, but quickly will demand from you creativity and imagination to come up with easier ways to do things and re-utilize previous strategies.

I did a short video to show a bit the current working prototype where blueprints are designed. (make sure you view it in fullscreen)

As always, I’ll be blogging about the game development here, in my tigsource devlog, news and media at indiedb and twitter. (Update: and now also in Steam Concepts)

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