Scrapping the artwork

A great advantage of having no deadlines, no commitments and nobody to feel obliged to, is that you can change whatever you want, whenever you want.

Even before I started workin on Missilium I already had a picture in my mind of how the graphics would look like. It was a kind of 3d scenery and objects, but on a 2d screen. The 3d was not supposed to be realistic, but give a kind of funny-cartoonish look.

Today I got bored with that, partially because my 3d skill were not up to par and also because it wasn’t so creative and artistic as I would like it to be. So, after some short experiments with digital painting, I decided to adopt a whole different art style for the game. Here’s the evolution, so far!

Hills at day (old version)

Hills at day (new version)

Hills at night (old version)

Hills at night (new version)

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