Warning: this is pre-pre-alpha stuff. Just a first prototype of an idea in its early stages.

“Binaural audio is to sound, what color is to black&white TV”

What is it?

Shabda is an early prototype of a upcoming game that will be nothing like you have ever seen. Literally, there is nothing to be seen šŸ™‚ Shabda relies completely on spatial 3d sound for navigation.

As an exploration/puzzle game, Shabha will make you relate to sound like you’ve never done before. The entire game can be played with your eyes closed. In fact, not only it can, it should be!

Don’t all games have 3d audio?

Yes, but there is a difference between 3d audio and spatial(binaural audio). Binaural audio uses special sounds to trick your brain to position sounds in 3d space as if they were real. With that, you can actually understand how close, far, up or down something is in relation to your head.

Sounds cool. Tell me more

I have a few ideas for the first puzzles, but this is a very early-stage prototype. I’ll be blogging about the development of Shabda in this blog during the next weeks/months, you can follow by visiting it, or by rss/email subscription.

A first prototype demo is also available with a simple demonstration of game mechanics.

In order to run and play it with spatial sound, you need to enable HRTF in your sound system. Please note that without HRTF enabled, it will be close to impossible to play Shabda, as the sounds will just be regular stereo.