Shabda’s status: suspended. New project on the horizon

Sorry to all who were expecting a bit more regular news on Shabda. I ended up not updating it further even though I had an idea for another puzzle.

It turns out that coming up with a game concept that practically doesn’t exist yet, is not so easy. I knocked my brain over and over, but can’t find a way to give continuity to this for now. I need some boost of creativity so that, in the future, I can continue with a better direction.

Until then, Shabda will remain online as a test-concept and no further news or updates should be expected.

But not all are bad news, the fact that I’m putting Shabda aside is freeing up some mental bandwidth to focus on some other cool things. In these past few weeks I’ve been developing a game idea and decided to finally assume it publicly and start blogging about it too as it will be my pet-project for the next couple of months.

The game is called “Autumn“, and you can read all about it (not much, yet) in the Autumn project page.


  • I’m sorry to see that the development of Shabda is interrupted… I’ve just tried it now, and it’s amazing! I would definitively enjoy a game in which you don’t have to see – but just to hear. It’s awesome! Well, anyway I understand that it’s not simple create such a innovative game, so take your time to make a better game! Btw. Autumn seems interesting too!

    • Hi Matteo!
      Yes, its a bit hard to come up with actual game content! I’m nog giving up on it.. hopefully one day it will return 😉

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