Update on new changes

It’s been a crazy week since the last devlog update, many new ideas came and went, while I tried to find a good way to include some of them to improve Autumn.

I spent time away from coding so I could just focus on the idea and design of the game itself, and I think things are a bit clearer for now. At least clear enough that I can get back to code with some goals in sight.

I’ll have to spend some time updating my own internal game design doc and also the public description of what is Autumn. Until then, I’ll leave you with this small bits:

Each level starts mostly empty, and the player starts with one tree.

Each tree increases the “playable area” of the game, so that the player can do more things in the world, and advance in the level.

Trees (and leaves) follow a natural cycle, they give seeds, they age and die. Not taking proper care and just worrying in advancing will probably end up in loosing trees, which means loosing your source of energy that allows you to get the most important things (spiritual items for the chest).

As a tree matures and its health increases, its area of influence also increases. The reverse happens when its health is down.

Trees will occasionally give seeds, which can be collected in the chest, and planted later (even in other levels). The player can also sacrifice/push(not yet defined) a tree to produce a seed, reducing its health and spending Prana.

There will be several tree species, each one has its own unique characteristics like: amount of leaves, growth size, average age, deciduous or falling leaves, flowering or not, rate of seeds, and climate adaptability (each level will have its own type of climate) – this is a very work-in-progress aspect.

Certain objects can also be found in the levels, objects can be have certain uses or also provide help in certain tasks. (WIP)

There will be small quests/puzzles to solve in the levels, which can result in bonus energy or gifts of spiritual items to the chest. (WIP)

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