Some more ideas and news on Shabda

So a couple of days ago I decided announce Shabda to the internet. Got a short demo working and distributed it in different forums and websites. Also got some valuable feedback, which I’m processing for selecting good ideas for the next versions.

Today I updated the Shabda page with version 0.0.2 and also a lot of info on enabling and customizing HRTF in your system, as this was the main complaint I got. I also did a short HRTF test tool so you can make sure it is working for you. It’s available in the Shabda downloads page.

I’ll be adding it to IndieDB as well, as I think having feedback from the community can greatly improve what can come out of this game. One possibility is to include an automatic online updater, which can fetch new levels/puzzles, so there will never be a need to download newer versions of the game. Ideally, the community itself can also contribute by suggesting or creating new sound puzzles.

The purpose of the game is something I feel I need to make a little bit more clear. Many testers told me many things regarding movement, spatial orientation, etc. I need to reinforce that this is not an exploration (movement-centered) game. The purpose of Shabda is to redefine a whole new genre of games. One about the experience of Sound.

How does a puzzle of sound plays like? Where there are no shapes or colors…

How does your brain work when the only input it gets its sounds? How is it exercising or stimulating different brain functions?

How differentely are you going to pay attention to what is around you after you stop playing and return to real life?

The movement and exploration part will very likely be a part of the game, but I’d like to see it more as secondary thing (you have to move from puzzle to puzzle), but the real fun will be in thinking of games and challenges that nobody ever played before.


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